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Tubular Heaters


Uses : Are the most versatile & widely used source of electric heating for industrial, commercial & scientific application. These are used in force air heating, thermal forming M/C, direct immersion in liquids, comfort radiant heaters, welded brazed or clamped to tanks & pipes hot runner molds, radiant & convection heater for ovens & dryers.
Construction : Tubular heaters are swaged construction provides maximum support to resistance wire.
They can be designed in a wide range of electrical ratings, diameters, length, terminations & sheath material. Important & useful characteristic of tubular heaters are that they can be formed in to virtually any shape, brazed or welded to any metal surface and cast in to metals.
Resistance wire is fusion welded to the steel terminal cold pins. These coils assembly is precisely stretched & centered in the element metal sheath which is than filled with grade 'A' magnesium oxide powder (Mgo). Swaged to reduced diameter into solid mass, permanently stabilizing the coil in center while providing excellent heat transfer & dielectric strength between the coil & the sheath.

Working Temperature : For temperature upto 200C can be used any of the heaters, in the range depending upon the space available. Air heater for higher temperature can be designed on request. Sheath material are as Inconal :- 800C; ss 304; 321; 316; upto 600C; copper:- 177C Mild Steel:- 350C
While Placing Order : Please mention diameter, length, wattage, voltage, lead wire length, special features if any.


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