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Flexible Heating Tapes

Uses : Flexible heating tapes are used for heating glass column pipes, condensor or any metal pipe. As the name suggests it is flexible indeed. It can take any shape depending upon shape of the vessels or it can can be wrapped around. This heater is ideally suited for heating at low temperature.
Construction : Flexible heating tapes are made up of knitted fibre glass yarn with heating element in side. It is completely insulated & provided with connecting lead wire. This heater can be easily, installed & removed.
Electrical Data :  Generally 230 volts A.C. is given & 100 to 200 watts per meter is provided. This heater can also be manufactured with desired specifications to suit to one's requirement.
Temperature :  Maximum surface temperature can go up 350C. But it is advisable to use this heater for heating upto 200C. Exact temperature can be controlled by means of external energy regulator.
While Placing Order : Please mention diameter, length, wattage, voltage, lead wire length, special features if any.


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